Zmysłowy „Imagine” Andrzeja Jakimowskiego, poruszający debiut fabularny Bartka Konopki z Marcinem Dorocińskim „Lęk wysokości” i pełna rozmachu „1920 Bitwa Warszawska” Jerzego Hoffmana od dziś legalnie i za darmo na kanale YouTube dystrybutora Kino Świat.



Na marginesie filmu:

Historia spisana na gorąco w sierpniu 2013 w Lizbonie, w której mieszkałam przez 6 tygodni pracując jako nocna stróżka w zlokalizowanym w centrum miasta hotelu (i było wspaniale!).

So, if You’ve ever been wondering, what does the „magic of Lisbon” mean, here the story goes. Just after receiving the proposition to go to Lisbon, while still considering the offer, I went to see the movie „Imagine” – by polish director Andrzej Jakimowski – big thing in Poland, which, after uniquely good reviews, I was dying to watch, knowing just the subject of the plot, but having no idea where does it take place. In the middle I’ve realized, that this exotic to me, bathed in sunlight scenery, is Lisbon itself – promising sign!

Today (30th of August, 2013) I arranged research expedition, exploring labyrinth of old town’s streets, to find the cafe, which plays a big role in the story – and found it, moving occurence to see it in the flesh, just 3 weeks after watching it on the screen almost 3 thousands kilometres from here.

However, after buying Fernando Pessoa’s (btw my latest intellectual fascination, check him out, as he is worth it) „Lisboa. What the tourist should see” book just the moment before, I had about 1 euro & several cents left in my wallet, wasnt even sure if thats enough for coffee. But I’ve noticed a woman smoking outside and decided to start a chat.

Which was best idea ever, as she turned out to be the owner of the place who shared the backstage stories about shooting, emphasising, that it saved the place from closure caused by crisis. Although she hasn’t see the whole movie yet, she plays role in one of the centre scenes, and so does her father, the fado singer. Speaking about the parents, I told her I will introduce her to my mom who is visiting soon, so she asked me for calling her earlier, then her mother will prepare some traditional portuguese food. And when I was just about to leave, Sandra said: „well, Marta, I liked you, so I will tell you the secret thing: Andrzej is here next month, leave me your number, I will call you immediately when he arrives, so you can meet him”. Can you IMAGINE? Such a big amount of happiness for one person to handle!:)



(zdjęcia: 2 pierwsze – materiały prasowe, reszta – moje).

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